Menima and the thing called Integrity
Written By: Meggie

“Thanks Dad!” Menima gave her dad a quick hug, and planted a kiss on his cheek and raced up to her bed and hopped into it.
She and her Dad had had a talk that evening about Integrity. When she read the bible every morning she had read it and wondered what it meant. She thought integrity was such a glorious word. She couldn’t believe that she had never heard of it before!
Tomorrow was her first day of high school. A chance (she saw) of showing her integrity. She wouldn’t have any friends at this high school. All her friends in middle school had gone to a state high school. She was going to Groves Christian College.
She had always been the determined one in the family. She would always be out jumping her brother’s bike jumps. She normally won arguments, except offcourse when it involved her mum and dad.
Menima smiled. “I vow I will use my integrity tomorrow!” she whispered fiercely. Then she prayed, Dear God! Please help me tomorrow to do what you want me to do. Please help me to learn how to use my integrity well. Amen.

Menima jogged to the bus stop it was terribly cold! She hoped feverently that the bus would arrive soon. She did a sort of jog on the spot to keep herself warm. But she also did it because she was nervous-very nervous! What would they think of her? When will I know to try out my integrity?
She shot up a quick prayer to God as the bus came into view. It pulled up and Menima jumped in. Thoughts flooded through her mind. What would she say? What would she do? Would she be absotlutly hopless? The bus stopped.
She got out last of all trying not to draw attention to herself.
There it was. High school. It was big! (Well, not in size, just the expierence!) A shiver of excitement ran up her spine. She slowely walked up the the brick stairs and into the building. She found her classroom just as the bell went off.
The morning went speedily. She worked really hard. Mrs. Lea was very impressed with her work.
“Good job Menima! Spectatcular work!”
For one awful moment everyone looked at her. She felt proud of herself. But everyone else seemed to not think it was a real axheviment she knew because they were looking at her in a ‘so what’ sort of way. Thankfully the bell rang.
Everyone got up and scooted out of the room as fast as they could. Menima took her time. She tidied her desk and quietly got up and walked out the door.She got half way down the hall way when two girls came up to her. They were both brown-haired and obvoisly twins. They looked at her as if scanning her and finding everything about her. She felt like a open book that was being read aloud to everyone. Finally one of them said.
“hay, your name is Senima isn’t it? It is weird.”
“yea, very weird. Maybe thats why she does such a good job at maths.” Said the other girl.
Menima gulped down and said, “It’s Menima not Senima.”
The girls laughed at her unpleasantly.
Menima wondered if they knew how bad there laugh sounded. Maybe it was meant to scare her? Well, if it was they were doing a good job of it.
She tried in vain to push passed them.
“Oh, the new girl is chicken!” said one of the girls wickedly.
Menima had to do something fast – otherwise they would end up making her cry and that would be a bad impression and she would become their target every time she came into the school building and then school would come imbearable to go to every day and she would drop down in her grades. . . . . Alright she thought maybe I am getting a little bit ahead of myself. Then a thought struck her as a bolt of lightning strikes a man dead.
Menima smiled at them,
“No. Are you?”
The girls paused for a second before answering trying to regain there equilibrium.
“No, but you are!” One of them answered and laughed. But it was a different sort of laugh. It was not as wicked but a ‘I am concerned where this is going’ sort of laugh.
“Alright then I am a chicken,” Menima said.\
The girls didn’t know how to reply.
“Well, catch you later it is morning tea time.” And with that they hurried off.
Menima smiled at whispered a quiet “yes!”
A blonde hair girl came racing up to her.
“Hi I am Rachel I am always picked on by those girls, how did you do that?”
“Integrity” said Menima knowingly.
“I’ll explain. . . . . . . .”


NOTE: This is the moment where you race to your dad and ask him what Integrity is!