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Hello! I am Wildlife Crazy Girl (W.C.G.)
I am 13 Year old homeschooled, christian girl who loves reading and writing books.
I love horses and I’m very passionate about Wildlife. I love all the animals. Although some freak me out. I am officially a drama queen and proud of it. I have four very good friends: Irish Chicklettte (irishchicklette.wordpress.com), A.G. , montypython (http://www.montypython-stardoll.blogspot.com/), and N.

I have a very active imagination – which can somtimes freak me out as well and I have only just found out that I think I like to freak myself out!!! I am officaially a drama queen and proud of it!!!
Anyway. I have two sisters P.B. (Prima Ballerina) and Do Dolores (Means ‘I give pain’ in latin). P.B. is 9 years old and Do Dolores is 7 years old. (I love them both dearly but have trouble every know and again to keep peace with them!)

I hope you are blessed with what you read! And come back, I update my blog regularly!!!