Date: 3rd Of November 2008 at 12:43

We all sat around in the lounge room. We all waited. Waited. From five to five thirty the clock kept ticking but not fast enough for our liking. Finally somthing happened – the phone rang. She had lost our address!


We had seen an advertisement, on a notice board at our shopping center, that two little dogs needed somewhere to stay for a week. Nanny thought that maybe……. I could do it! I thought it was an awesome idea! We cannot have dogs of our own because we are always travelling and going camping. I love dogs and felt that I could do the task.

After I had discussed it with my parents, who made it clear to me my responsibilities for caring for them, we rang up and OH! unfortunately they had someone already! The lady sounded really nice Mum said, and she would keep our phone number for next time.

But then, a month later she rang. Oh! What JOY! HAPPY JOY! We would only have them for the weekend – but I did not care at all. It was too good to be true. The money I earned would go towards horse riding lessons – then I burst into tears of joy!

Later…… when Dad came home Mum secretly told him, so when he came into the room that I was in, he said ” So, who wants to go camping this weekend?” He had a very cheeky smile on his face! Mum and Dad talked about it that night to see if we weren’ t too busy and, of course, we weren’t!

Slowly and steadily the day arrived. Then the hour came. The lady said she would drop off the dogs between 5.00 – 6.00pm. When she came, K was first out there. I was a bit hesitant and Mum wanted me to go out first; I did and I am glad. The lady came up to me, I recognised her as a lady that goes to our church!

“I think I know you!” she said

“Do you?” (why didn’t I say yea, me to? Oh, holy snappin’ duck poop!)

Then mum came out and they had a talk about how indecredible it was and bla bla bla. .. . . .

Bailey was a creamy colour and Charlie was white. They were both excited! But when the lady left they sat by the gate and just waited. We played with them for about an hour and then came inside to let them settle in for the night. I fed them at about 7.30pm, then we all went to bed.

I put on my alarm clock but I slept lightly and was forever waking up because I didn’t want to wake Mum up when my alarm did go off. I heard the dogs moving around a lot. Their collars made a jingling noise that was quite loud whenever they moved. I woke up at 3.00am and decided to turn off my alarm, then went back to sleep. I woke promptly at 10 minutes to five. I got up and quietly got dressed. I could hear Bailey, she had just started whining for attention just like the lady told us. I came out and Mum was on the computer. (That is for you P!)

“Oh, you’re all dressed! DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!” my Mum said.

“Yep, I set my alarm for five o clock!”

Then I went out the laundry door and played with them. Their collars are very noisy. Mum told me to stay away from the girls windows – but alas! I had about five minutes all to myself before K came out to play as well, and was soon folowed by A. I opened the gate to let them have free run of the yard and we activley played with them for about two hours! Then we could see clearly that they were worn out, so we came inside and had breakfast. Then we came out again for about an hour. I took out Budgie to have a bit of fresh air, Charlie went crazy! He jumped up and would’ve eaten Budgie if she wasn’t in her cage! Bailey sat there and just whined. They were so engrossed in watching Budgie move around her cage, and out of reach, that they wouldn’t play with us. So, we had fun lifting them up to see Budgie up close and to see Charlie run around panting (it was getting quite hot!), that I made him sit down to rest. He would run around all of us and then go sit in front of the cage at different angles and sometimes jump up to see closer. He also was completely in a trance about the cockatiels. He loves runnning at birds!

Well, after awhile it got boring, so I went and hung Budgie on a hook up very high. They also just sat under the cage. I couldn’t believe it! Anyway, at the end of the day when I had to bring Budgie inside the dogs were shattered! They missed the cage, that early the next morning I put Budgie back up on the hook.

Well, Sunday morning I woke up at 5.00 again with the same results, only ten minutes alone with the dogs! Charlie was jumping up on the aviary to look at the cockatiels and I would pick him up and hold him at 2 minute intervals. Every time I put him down he would jump up onto me to ask to go back up. Sometimes Bailey wanted to look as well!

Bailey loved to play-fight a lot. She would tease Charlie until he fought with her, and when he wouldn’t I would. I would pull on her ears and pull her legs like a soft bite and let her hold my hand in her mouth. It was a lot of fun. One time they fought over a stick. Charlie had a stick that he would run at Bailey with and then when he tired, would lie down and chew on it. Bailey would come up and try and steal the stick from him. There were times in this where they both had half of the stick in their mouths. It was quite entertaining to watch. Finally, Charlie heard a noise and dropped the stick and turned his head the other way and listened. Immediately, Bailey stole the stick. Charlie tried a small attempt to regain it, but never did, so gave up. Bailey proudly lay down and chewed on the stick for about five seconds. Then got up to look for somthing else to do! HEHEHE!! HAHAHA!!

But as all dreams come to an end, this one did to. That afternoon at 6.00pm the lady came and picked them up. I carried Bailey across the road to the car, and saw them off. SO, it felt very wrong when this morning I woke up at 8.00 that there weren’t any dogs in our backyard. Eveyone enjoyed having them! Charlie is loyal, and Bailey is cute.
And so there you have it!