What Katy Did


What Katy Did At School


What Katy Did Next


Written By: Susan M. Coolidge



This trilogy is a wonderful example of what older sisters should be like! In What Katy Did, Katy is wonderful girl, with no mamma except there aunt who thinks girls should sit and knit all day and never have any fun. Katy, starts as a naughty rag a muffin 12-year-old tomboy. But when she disobeys her Auntie and swings on the new swing that is not properly fastened she falls and hurts herself badly. She is out into bed forever with a slight hope to walk again. With the help of Cousin Helen an invalid like herself except she will never ever walk she relizes she hasn’t been a very nice role-model to her younger sisters and brothers and so goes to the school of pain. And on night has a dream that God comforts her. Will Katy ever recover?



In What Katy Did at School, Katy’s aunty has died and so Katy must run the household for her father Dr. Carr. But when Mrs. Page somes and finds Katy so soelmn and not ‘frolickling like other girls her age’ she decideds to do somthing about it and suggests to Dr. Carr to send her and her sister Clover to the boarding school that her daughter, Lily, goes to. Dr. Carr decideds to send them even thought Katy and Clover are way against it. What will boarding school be like?



In what Katy Did Next, Katy is a younge woman and goes on a traveling trip with her neighbour Mrs. Ashe and her little girl, Amy. Whilest traveling to new countries Amy gets dredfully sick and comes on the verge of death and Katy meets a younge gentelmen who is Mrs. Ashe’s nephew and on the last evening they have beautiful time watching the sunset, and Clover is wondering why Katy when she comes home is so secretive about somthing?…..



I would rate these books 3/5! It was great!


I would say for ages 10 and up.
Here is a free online version of them.
I hope you enjoy reading the books as much as I did.