Lorna Doone
Written By R.D. Blackmore

Lorna Doone is a beautifully romantic story. (You can see then I really enjoyed it!) It is about John Ridd a boy who lives in the country in a town near a ceratin valley were the Donne’s live. The Doone ‘s rog people coming in and out of this village when it is night and they still younge girls to be their wives. After a number of years the Doone’s grew prosperous and know it is like a little town in this valley. The only known way down to the valley is two gates. Only one of them is passible into the valley, which one it is is not known.
One day a younge boy of fourteen years of age called John Ridd follows the river at the back of his house to look for a certain type of fish for his poor mother and two sisters. He finds that by folowing the river that he is in the Doone valley. But he keeps going to a certain part were there is a bit of a waterfall and he falls down it and hits a rock and becomes unconsince. When he wakes up he finds a beautiful younge girl of eight tending to his wounds in a sweet meadow near the small waterfall. He is bewitched by her beauty and tells her he will come back. In a few years he does come back and finds a beatiful maiden, they fall in love and the fight is on to bring Lorna Doone out of the valley and into John Ridds home away from her would-be-husband Carver that will not stop at nothing no one must have Lorna but him, if it means he has to kill her so no body else gets her.

I would reccomend this for ages 13 and up.
It is a great book! I give it 4/5 stars. Meaning it is very good, close to excellent!

Here is a free online version so you can read it: http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/b/blackmore/rd/lorna/