Inkheart Trilogy:



(That is the poster for when the Inkheart movie comes out!)

Inkheart: Inkheart is about a man called Mo, who has a baby daughter called Meggie and his wife, Resa. He and his wife are book crazy – they love reading. Mo is a bookbinder that is his job. Mo and Resa love to every night have Mo read a book aloud whilest there baby daughter, Meggie sits on the floor.

One night Mo reads out of the book, Inkheart. He should never have. In one instant and a swirl – his beloved wife Resa is gone and there stand three men. whom he recognised as from charcaters out of the book, Dustfinger, Capricorn and Basta – Dustfingers sworn enemy. They slowely make there way out of the house, leaving poor Mo or Silvertounge as he is know called by them.
Ten years later when Meggie is 13 years old and loves books as much as her father. She has accepted that her mother is dead – but Mo knows better. That night, a man comes to there house who calls himself Dustfinger. Meggie is sent early to bed – wondering why? She sneaks down and tries to listen outside the door. The next day, the man is still there with his weird pet, and Mo wants to suddenly go to her Aunts house. She dislikes Dustfinger.
But what happens when she finds out everything about her past – and that her father can read characters out of books! AND that Capricorn is after them – the eviliest person of the world of Inkheart.
But then Capricorn finds them and holds Meggie hostage, and they find that Resa is there with Capricorn as a maidservent!
What will happen? How will Mo rescue Meggie and Resa? ANd why didn’t Dustfinger tell Mo that he knew where his wife was??? READ IT TO FIND OUT!
Inkspell: Inkspell starts a few months after Inkheart leaves off. Dustfinger yearns to go back to Inkworld his own world were fire obeys him a lot more. Farid wants to go with him. SO they seek out Orpheous an evil man that has the same power as Mo does. Dustfinger is read back but evil Orpheous does not read Farid to Inkworld. Farid steals the paper which Orpheous read from and goes to Meggie for help. Meggie has the same power that Mo has. Meggie tells Farid that she will only read it alowed only if she can go with him. So, one night they are read to Inkworld. and Meggie see’s all the places that her mother tells her about. She loves it but Mo and Resa get worried. Capricorn is dead but there is a new bad guy. And he is after Meggie. so Mo and Resa go to inkworld to go look for Meggie. Mo is almost killed, and Resa nurses him back to life and ward off the white Women who take dead people to the realm of dead. When Mo is almost well and is reagaing hos strangth he is captured by the bad guy. Will Meggie, Mo and Resa ever escape and get back to the real world? READ IT TO FIND OUT!
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Here are some pictures from the movie that is coming out on the 23rd of January . When iI watch it I will wright a Movie Review on it.

This is Mo and Meggie

Dustfinger and his pet.

Meggie’s Aunt


Farid and Meggie

(From left to right) A guard, Mo and Basta.