The Lost World

Written By Arthur Conan Doyle

Let yourself be taken on a wondrous journey of danger, excitment and a little bit of romance!

Malone is in love with Gladys a beautiful girl. But she doesn’t seem to want him! At the end of his desperation her asks her what the man she would want to marry would be like. She tells him she would love an adventurous man that has seen many different things and has been to many different countries. Malone tells her he will come back and claim her after he has had an adventure.

He is a reporter and has the job of interviewing Professer Challenger a strange man who thinks he knows of a place in the middle of north America were there is a high plateau where dinsoaurs live! what an extrodinary story. But Malone is convinced that Professer Challenger might be right! That night he goes to a lecture where Professer Challeneger wants to try to convince every one. no one believes him, and Malone starts to doubt. Then Challenger throws everyone into an upheavel. His biggest foe, Professer Summerlee is challenged to go on a trip with him so that he may show him the wonders as what he has found. He elects two people from the audience to go with him – Malone and Lord John Roxton.

Will they get there? Yep, of course they do otherwise there would be no story, but what happens when they are attacked by meat eating dinosaurs? Even these grown men are scared. Read it and you’ll love it!

I would say for ages 12 and up. There are a few scences which scared me and made me think I might have nightmares! (But I didn’t!)

This was a fantastic book! 5/5! 🙂