My friend Irish Chicklette showed me this really cool game that has now become a favourite of ours.
It is called ‘Flash.’
This is how you play. It is basically hide and go seek with a bit of Flashing in between. Someone is ‘It’ and then ‘It’ counts to as much as he/she wants and then you go look for the other people that are playing. When you have found someone they folow behind you whilest you are looking for the other person. The person that is folowing you doesn’t help you find the other person as it happens in our hide and go seek. They want the oppisite. When you have passed someone that is hiding, the person that is hiding makes this flasing gesture with their hand. If anyone or everyone see’s the flash when ‘It’ doesn’t they get to run away and hide again when ever they like. You don’t have to do it straight away. But if ‘It’ see’s them running away they are put back into the line.
The game ends when you have found the last person. And the last person that is found has to be ‘It’ next time.

I hope you can play it. It is great fun!