It was sooo romantic!

Well we went on the weekend to my grandparents house one weekend, and we had to sleepover. So, where I slept was in the front room which is a gorgeous room, it has two arches which know has two beautifully stained wooden doors on it. They look like three doors all atached together and they pull out and cover the doorway all up. There are windows which are located on the two opisite walls that adjoin to the arches. one set of windows looks out to the front veranda and onto the grass. The curtains are white and see through that go completly across the window so you cannot open them, then there are curtains on top of these which are always drawn to the sides.
It was quite a warm night and I had close the doors to keep out any noise. I turned off the lights. the moonlight flooded in through the front windows and every know and again a breath of wind comes through. The pitter-patter of the rain outside was soothing and the croak of the frogs lulled me to sleep when I did get into bed – but I didn’t. I sat by the window and just took it all in! I wanted to right what I could feel. It was beautiful surrondings and when I got into bed I didn’t feel content because I had had a glimpse of such a beautiful night and I would probably never have that chance again!
That morning I labeled it ‘romantic’
Have you had an expierence like that? Please tell me and comment!