I have been Tagged a different tag since last time! From my friend A.G.! So, here it is! you have to answer these questions!

Do you like Sushie? – I will never try it because who wants to eat uncooked fish? eeeeewww! and isn’t there a law in the bible saying you have to cook meat before you eat it???????

What is Your fave food? – um . . . . . . well, of course it would have to be chocolate, then maybe roast lamb! YUM!! (I think I am drooling!)

What is your least fave food? – Sushi and fruits that i have never tasted before and those little green fruits, Mum makes me eat them somtimes for breakfast! EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!

Have you ever eaten something like Snails, Dog, ect ? – Well, Dad once tried to make me eat a Kangaroos Tail but I flatly refused!!! It’s just wrong and thats that.

When you were little did you ever eat Dirt, Grass, Leaves, Sand, ect ? – Playdough. I LOVED eating playdough and licking my fingers after I had played with it. Well, I still do. . . . .

Who will you tag ? Irish Chicklette! Cannot wait to read hers!