Well, today we went to the beach with a friend that I will call barbie_freak (she is P.B. friend). Anyway when I was sitting near where we had dumped all of our stuff, a sea gull came up to someone’s towel that was lying on the sand and cautiously walked around it a couple of times, pecked at some sand and then actually started to peck at the towel and appered to be eating it! How hilariouse is that! I just hope that it wasn’t hunger that drove him to do it.

we are going on another holiday to Double Island Point/Noosa Northshore! AND we are going with my aunt and uncle and four cousins! It is going to be sooo much fun! Last time we went was two years ago and I didn’t have my own camera, so I should get LOADS of good photos to show everyone! We are going in two weeks I think!

Well, Mum has changed around when I am alowed to go on the computer, so I shall be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! I was going on almost everyday, but, yea. I will have to go on the computer for dutch and somthing else so i will be on quite a lot! P.B. and Do Dolores are only alowed on on Saturdays.

Somthing terrible has occured! You know how I really wanted to watch this movie (Inkheart) and Dad said he would take me – but Mum recently watched the Preview on the internet AND she thinks it may be to scary for me! So I may not be going to see it, but I am very confident. Mum has read the Inkheart Trilogy and she really enjoyed it. I finally got to talk about it with her (mum doesn’t really talk about books as much as I do!) and we went on for half an hour!!!!


Well, I better be going!




P.S. If you can commet please do otherwise I am going to go CRAZY! *smile*