Hello everyone, I’m back!!!!

Well, I had an awesome holiday, it was a lot of fun and I have heaps of stories to tell. We went swimming almost everyday and I got 200 photos of it all! I will share some photos of it with you very soon!

Ok, I will tell you EVERYTHING!! We left at about 7.30 on Saturday morning, nothing much happened as we started the drive and went across the ferry onto double Island Point, we got there at 12  – it was sooooo hot! We had some difficulty finding a campsite and our tempers were flying high in the heat, but soon we had our tent set up and had gone for a cool swim. We relaxed for two days umtil my Auntie and Uncle and cousins came and joined us, we had a fire and roasted marshmallows that night. For the next few days we had a routine going, getting up lazing about till 10 then going for a drive to Rainbow Beach for a swim then coming home, getting the fire and started and having dinner. On Thursday we went to the Rainbow Beach township where we had an icecream, and on the way home we were driving along the track, and a guy in a small car drives up past us and winds down his window and says “Just ahead is a car completely engulfed in flames, I am just trying to get a fire crew know” (he had a phone to his ear). So, of course we were curious and drove up, I didn’t get a very good photo of it but it was so engulfed in flames that it had started a small bush fire! The people that were in the car got out safe and sound. What had happened was the motor had overheated and the paint underneath the bonnet caused it to start on fire. It used to be green but when we passed it it was white, the paint had melted on it! It also had no tires, they had melted to! It was a sight! It was very exciting! And to top ot off, that night I woke up, and yelled out to mum – I was going to vomit. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just knew. mum and dad got be a container and we went out side. It is horrible just sitting there waiting . . . . . . waiting for my tummy to start lurching – in fact it was scary! But it happened, and afterwards as I was just sitting there and we were talking about it, I felt this scratching on my arm, I looked down and there was a mousy fur ball! I screamed with terror, and dad yelled at me to jump up. It had been nimbling me! I hadn’t felt the fur, just the teeth or claws, whatever it was. That had to be the most exciting day in my whole entire life! Well, we left on Friday and safely got home!

I enjoed camping alot!

– Meggie4u