Well, I have been tagged by Animal Girl with a tag she made up herself! Here it goes!

What language are you learning? Latin and this year I will be learning dutch!

Why are you learning that language? I am learning Latin for the sake of it and I will be learning Dutch because my Granddad grew up in Holland and he can speak it, so mum just thought it would be a nice idea. (I think its because she wants to learn!)

How many friends do you have? um. . . . I think 5. A.G., Irish Chicklette, N, T, and montypython.

Why are they your friends? A.G. is my friend because she is in great need of friends at the moment, and we have a lot of similarities. Irish Chicklette and I are childhood friends and we have heaps in commen, N I met when we were traveling around Australia and we hit of straight away and were inseperable, I met T at church she also goes to our home group were we hang out, and montypython and I well,,,,, we met at Dancing and have hit off ever since, we both have younger sisters and are hooked on stardoll so I think that could be one of the reasons.

What is your most favourite pet you have ever had? It would have to be either our beagle Honee or Jeremy Jack who was a cockateil.

Why was that your favourite? J.J. and I really knew each other and he was extremly tame. Honee was the best play mate ever! We had 2 or 3 beautiful years playin with her.

Do you like dogs? LOL! Of course!

Why don’t you like dogs?  but i do!

Why do you like dogs? they are awesome animals that can be better compainons then any bird, lizard, snake, guinea pig, or anything (except a horse!)


Do you own a cow? No

Do you own a bird? Yes, 2. Skippe and Thomas are grey cockateils

Do you own a car (I mean you, not some one else in your family)? no. But in a couple years time I am looking forward to owning one! Dad gave me a driving lesson when we were at Double Island Point and I drove the car10 meters all by myself without dad even in the car! I have learnt how to use the clutch.

Do you have a rabbit? No.

Do you like snakes? um. . . . . yes and no. They can be a bit freaky and I wouldn’t want to own one but Id love to hold one everyknow and again, there cool!

Do you like elephants? Never really thought about it

Do you like Kevin Rudd? Not really!

Do you like Obama? Yea, he sounds alright

Did you like this tag (you don’t have to say yes) YES! I love it! Great way to get to know people more!

Do you think this tag is too long? Not at all

What is your favourite country? Ummmmm. . .AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OIE OIE OIE!

Who will you tag? I tag Irish Chicklette!!! Go girl! Cannot wait to see this tag on ur blog!!