Yesterday I went horse riding lesson. But of course it was raining yesterday and the usual question was, is it still happening? Well, it was and my teacher said that if it was still raining when we arrived that we would have a lesson on grooming. It was rainig when we got there.

We had it in a shed, that had two fenced off areas inside that had wood shavings for flooring, one stable and a room where everyone signed in and the saddles and bridles were kept. There were also posters all over the walls. One pony was in the walkway, her name (as I found out later) was Twilight. She was a gorgeous bay with a silky coat and stripe on her face. She was tied up outside of the first fenced off area where two other ponies were tied up having a bit of a feed. Four baby brush turkeys picked among the woodshavings at there feet. In the stable was a horse, the horse I love called Jasper (ahhhhhh!). Then in the other fenced off area (wait for it) was a palomino pony and a adorable brown FOAL! Do Dolores patted her during my lesson. Well, it was still raining so we stayed in there, and my teacher taught us the names of brushes, the way to use them, and in what order. Then we were sent off to choose a pony in the fenced off area to grroom. I chose a little white pony with flecks of grey all over her coat. She started moving around a bit and insited on having her but towards my face, but soon she gave up and propmtly snoozed. I used the Curry comb and Dandy brush on her, the the mane and tail comb.

After that the teacher saw what we knew about parts of the saddle. Then she told us all of the parts and how to remeber them. Here is a diagram to get to know the names I learn’t:


I learn’t most of these, will I ever remember them all?

After that we were shown how to put the saddle on a horse, then we had a race to see who could do it properly. It was a tie. Then we talked about the parts of a horse, then the lesson was over!  The good thing is I asked if I could ride Jasper next week, and she said I could! Can’t wait till next week!

– Meggie4u