Well, one beautiful Saturday morning, AND AFTERNOON! I spent all day working on a really cool Barbie Car for my younger sisters Do Dolores and prima Ballerina. Its red, and strong and has a really cool motor. Here are its owners sitting in it.


What is really cool is, the motor! We recently had the honours of getting at a broken plasma with a screw driver and undid the whole thing to pieces. The motor is made from some of these pieces. Have a look.


How cool is that! can you understand how it took me ALL DAY! I even padded the seats for the barbie and made moving wheels! I know I know, I am a very smart homeschooler. Anyway the main thing is my sisters enjoy it.

I made it out of a couple of small boxs and cardboard and taped all the boxs together and stuck paper on it and painted it red, then I added the headlights (yellow buttons), steering wheel (red button), and the glorious motor!!!

– Meggie4u