This is me on Jasper a chestnut male horse. He is sooo gorgeous!!! 😀


Well, the afternoon came and I was off to horse riding again once more! We got there a little late so Jasper was already saddled.  My teacher announced we were going on a Trail ride! HOW COOL IS THAT!!    It was extremly hot although it was so late in the afternoon. Jasper didn’t want to go and was a bit feisty at first when I rode him down to the end of the driveway and along the side of the road. There were some trees that had low branches on the side of the road, and I was so delighted and enjoying every bit of the ride that I wasn’t paying attention, and when I saw the branches I didn’t have enough time to ride Jasper around them, so I just had to duck, and some whipped me in the face a little.

We went down the road for a bit then we went off the road on part of my teachers land – basically a short cut through the bush. Let me tell you, you don’t now what it is like going downhill on a horse until you have done it.  It was a very new experience for me!  Then we went across a ditch, I thought that would be bad, but it wasn’t. On the other side my teacher found a snake  – and Jasper decided to do a pee (or turn on the tap! He went on for 2 minutes!) So I had to stand up in my stirups and wait for him to finish!! That was pretty funny.

We went on and linked up with the road again and went back to the stables. Then we played a couple of games (I was just lining up on the fence to play when Mum took the photo).   We played  ‘Around the World’,  where you turn yourself around in the saddle, and then another game called ‘Dead Indian’ that teaches you to dismount properly.  Then I led Jasper up to the stables, tied him up, took off his saddle and put on his coat and turned him out in the paddock!

It was awesome. I never want to leave that place, there are ponies and horses everywhere you look. ahhhhhh. . . . . . heaven for me!!!

– Meggie4u