On Monday I had my last horse riding lesson of the term 😦 ! I started off mby going and getting the boots and helmet on. Unfortunately all the boots were really small and there was one large boot there and one slightly smaller one. So, I wore a sock on the larger one and no sock on the other one. I thought that was pretty funny! Then I put on my helmet and off I went!

My teacher asked me if I could get ready to ride without her, and I told her I would give it a try. I checked my girth and adjusted my stirrups. I will admit that I let my friend who works there give me a few tips!! Soon, I was mounted (without a crate) and walking around. Our teacher said that today we are going to start learning how to jump! How cool is that!   I rode Jasper over some poles lying on the ground. And then the teacher made them a little higher and taught us the positon we are supposed to be in when we jump!!! Then we trotted over these poles!!! Then we did some more trotting around in circles! I am getting good at a rising trot! Then we did a couple of games and I had to go home. Later on however, my hips started aching from doing the rising trot, and that caused lower back pain that was sooooo terrible that I slept with heat packs on my back all night.  I was a bit stiff still the next day, but much better.

Has anyone esle been horse riding before?