Well, I have been tagged once more by: Chelonie Green (AG).

It is called the ‘Get to know you tag’

Here I go!!

What is your favourite animal? – Horse of course!

Who are you a fan of?- well. . . . . I enjoy listening to Rebecca St. James and Bethany Dillion on occasion.

Are you anti-social? – No, way!!!

Are you social?  – YES!!!! 🙂

Are you quiet? – Well, I used to be and used to find it difficult to make friends. But now it’s a breeze!

Are you shy? – I think almost everyone is shy up until they’re a teenager and they can start talking to Adults, they don’t know very well, freely. I am just starting this! Although sometimes I find I can’t find the right words!!

What is your favourite country? Australia.

Do you like dogs? – YES! I enjoy hanging around dogs! I would really like to own a Border Collie one day!

Do you think playing in the mud is cool? – Definately! But I don’t like to get too muddy! Do Dolores though is a different story!

Do you eat Playdo? – *grin* who doesn’t like Playdo?

Do you like eating?  – Yes, when its my favourite food. My favourite meal of the day is Dinner.

Do you like birthday parties? – I sort of enjoy birthday parties. But I have never really thought about it before! Hmmmmmm. . . . .!

Do you like Riding horses?  – YES< YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Have you ever fallen off a horse? – No, I haven’t! And I hope I never will!

Have you ever been stood on by a horse? – Not, yet! But, I am always scared I will, and so I lead my horse pretty funnily trying to keep away from him as much as possible!! hehe!

Do you like grooming horses? – YES! If I had a horse it would be the shiniest horse ever created by God!

Do any of your friends ride? – Umm. . One. But I hope I can change that!

How many friends do you have? – HEAPS! Lets see. . .. . . 6 and more.

Are you bored with this tag? Not really, its cool!

Who are you going to tagg?  – Natalie! I’ll be looking forward to reading your response!!! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed that!