Yesterday we went to one of my favourite shops = Lifeline! YIPPEE!! This lifeline has tons and tons of books (can you see why it one of my favourites? 🙂 )   I found a couple of Trixie Belden books. For those who didn’t know, I love this series!   Trixie Belden is great because its full of mystery and villians.  I enjoy that sort of story. 

Some of them are quite rare. . . . . . . . . . which is where I begin. I found this one called: The mystery of the Anitique Doll. I have been collecting Trixie Belden’s for a while and was quite happy I got my hands on it, because I have not been able to find this one before.   When I got home I promptly searched for it on ebay to find out its worth. And. . .. . . . . . it was worth $100!! No, not $1.00, $100.00!!!!   But I have sworn not to sell it and am enjoying at the moment owning ‘a one hundred dollar book’ as I like to fondly call it!

Other Trixie Beldens I got were: The Mystery of the Whispering Witch and The mystery of the Vanishing Victim and the Mystery of the Velvet Gown.

 Is anyone else into Trixie Belden?? I’ve got quite a few of the books!!