john_bunyanJohn Bunyan was an interesting man.  When he was in his teens he found it difficult to find out how (if he was) saved.  He had nightmares that showed him hell, and when he woke up he would promise  that he would not lie anymore.  But he a few days later he was swearing, lying and drinking more than ever.  When he was 15 his mother died of the plague.   He went to war when he was 16, to help fight against the Royalists.  Whilst he was there, the officers were expected to go to church.  

One day, John met Mary, an orphan like him and soon they were falling in love.  When Cromwell beat the Royalists and took the throne of England, John didn’t want to leave Mary and go home.   But he had no choice and he went home and worked in his fathers tinker shop.  The day came when he married Mary and brought her home to a house that he had bought.  He still wasn’t saved and was still having  dreams, but more than ever he fought Satan to try and get saved by God.

One day he did it, and came rushing home to Mary and their child (Mary, who was blind) and soon John was baptized.  Mary and John had three more children: Bitsy (named after their cousin) John and Thomas.  John started writing pamphlets about Quakers and then went on to writing books about how he was saved.

One day, Mary his wife grew ill of quick consumption.  She died soon after.  John was heart broken, Bitsy his cousin came to live with him and look after the children.  Soon John fell in love with Bitsy.  But there was such an age distance that he felt he couldn’t marry her.  One day, however,  John asked her to marry him.  She accepted and soon they were married. However their happiness came to an end when bunyanJohn was inprisoned for preaching without a permit.  John refused to leave off preaching.

He wrote hundreds of books in jail, he also conducted services for other imprisoned people and many were saved.  When the children and Bitsy visited him on Christmas, he told them the first part of the story of Christian and his pilgrimage to Heaven. Blind Mary enjoyed it exceedingly and begged her father to write it down.  However, soon the black death struck and Mary died.  Her father was broken-hearted.  He wrote the Pilgrims Progress in honour of his daughter, Mary.  When it was published, the people begged for a sequel – so John Bunyan wrote about Christian’s wife, Christiana and her journey to the Celestial City. The same year he died of a little cold.

My favourite part of The Pilgrims Progress was when Christian and Hope are captured by Giant Despond.  

John Bunyan was an incredible man, he wrote sixty books without a complete education and died at a ripe old age of 60, mostly of pure exhaustion.


– Meggie4u