Where are you going?  What if Jesus came today?  Where would you end up?  These questions whirled around in my head last night at youth group.  My answer surprised myself, I hoped right know that Jesus would take me to heaven, but I didn’t feel utterly sure.  It was uncomfortable to realize I wasn’t even doing anything about it!

I asked my Dad about it when he came and picked me up later on.   He asked me, ‘Why wouldn’t God take you to heaven?  He chooses those who are taken to heaven from their redemption and relationship with Him, not of good doings.’   That really woke me up.  Was I planning to go to heaven from my good deeds?  That’s how I felt.   But what do I do?  I am taking life for granted – but what do I do to change that? I am praying earnestly to God and reading the Bible. Just trusting God that He will give me an answer.  What else can I do?

Something else that was brought up was, ‘What are you going to do when you’re older?’   I  knew that I didn’t know the answer (if that makes sense) that was no surprise for me. But what surprised me is that no-one else didn’t know either!  My youth leader told us (shdidn’t know what she wanted to do either!) that we need to trust God and follow His plan as He reveals it to us. Let Him be in control of your life, and take a step back from life.  Pray for an answer for what you are supposed to do in your life. Don’t worry about not being prepared for it. God is preparing you for it right now.

– Meggie4u