Old mine ShaftWe went camping to Sundown National Park last week. It is located near the border where New South Wales and Queensland meet.

It took us 6 hours to drive to the national park, and then we had to drive through rough terrain to get to our campsite, it took 2 hours to do 20 kilometers!!

On the way we saw an old mine shaft.  We dropped a rock down it to find out how deep it was, it was pretty deep!  About three seconds of  falling, until the crash at the bottom.  This is a picture of Dad (in the red shirt), Do Dolores (nearest Dad) and Prima Ballerina, (farthest from Dad).

When we arrived at our creekside camp, there was hardly anyone there, and it was so still!  There was NO wind, and if you sat on the riverbank you couldn’t hear anything, it was totally amazing!  My favourite place was on this small log next to the creek.  The creek didn’t flow that much so Dad was worried about Blue-Green Algae so we only went swimming once.

My Fav sitting placeOne day, somthing happened when I was sitting on my nice log ( as you can see in the photo.)  I heard this rustling sound and looked over my shoulder thinking it was one of those little skinks that were around (there’s heaps of them, and they can swim, and go under water!).   Well, I saw a dark body sliding from one bush to another, I crossed my fingers.   ‘Please be a skink! Please be a skink!’ I thought to myself.   But the dark scaly body kept sliding and I knew it was a snake!  I sat there camly waiting for the head to disappear into the next bush and then I ran to our campsite. I told Mum, I was shaking like a leaf, and expecting it to be one of those harmless snakes that I was getting worked up about Mum went over and looked down to the log and said ‘where is it?’.   I came over, ‘There!’ Mum was standing right next to it! ‘Oh, ‘ she says, ‘I think it’s a red-bellied black snake.’  No sooner were the words out of her mouth then the sun glinted on its blood red belly and ash black body. I RAN AGAIN! Dad came over and had a look, I was calling mum back, but she wouldn’t come! Prima Ballerina and Do Dolores wanted to go and have a look.  Dad said,  ‘Girls come over and have a look!’  But I was so scared that I said to the girls, ‘No your not, that’s just asking yourself to be killed!’ .  I was a little scared.   He got away, however (oh, great!) Dad didnt get time to kill him. We never did get him, and we saw him a couple of times after that.   So, I lived the rest of my camping trip in horror that I would see him and get bitten!

When we were camping we saw44 Kangaroos, 15 Deer, 1 snake, 3 Possums, 7 Goannas, 22 cows and 3 ducks. My sisters were in charge of keeping a record of everything we saw. They didn’t record the skinks however because there were MILLIONS of them!

One of the tracks I drove onI got a few driving lessons with Dad when we were camping.  Just me in the drivers seat with Dad in the passengers seat! Not me sitting on Dads lap! I can use the clutch and brake. (I just gotta learn NOT to look down at my feet when I am braking) and I can go at 15km at the most! I did turns and whenever I went off the track Dad said I was killing people on the side walk (there were a few dead bodies :D) and whenever I only just went slightly off the track I bruised peoples toes! (and there were loads of bruised toes to!)   I really enjoyed it however. It was heaps of fun!

well, thats all from me!