I went horse riding again!  And I will be going four times this term!

Yesterday we did some more jumping exercisers!  We laid these poles on the ground and rode over them at a walk and a trot.  When we did it at a Don't Fall off!trot, however, we were not allowed to hold on to the reins and had to stick our arms out like a scarecrow whilst we trotted and did the jumping position (basically you lean forward).

The other ponies were being a little cheeky that day.  One of them suddenly shied at the wind (that was pretty funny) and side stepped suddenly.  One pony, kept having a good shake and almost throwing he rider off in the process!   Milo (a liver chestnut pony) had a kick at another pony clipped the other pony and then took off quickly before our riding teacher could get her. But, she did get her and gave her a smack!  Milo didn’t act up after that!  There was also this new horse I haven’t seen before, his name is Spirit.  He is a brown and white Pinto.   He actually bolted and threw off his rider, his rider wasn’t hurt much but was extremely upset and had bruises everywhere and also got a bruise on the joint of her finger!  It went all puffy looking!  Spirit felt sorry for his throw and later on nipped the girl on the shoulder say ‘can we be friends?’  but of course she didn’t understand and he probably nipped her on a bruise.  But she got back on the horse and was lead at a walk for the next fifteen minutes.

It was fun!  Jasper was a perfect beauty for me as always.  I can trust him, he has never ever done anything like that before.  But, the calamity got me thinking, if I want to be a good horsewoman, I need to have fallen off lots.  That scared me just a bit.

The poles were actually put up a notch, not just laying on the ground and so we trotted over them.  I love the rising trot!  Its so much fun!  Its a little bumper though when your not holding on!

Afterwards I took off the saddle and reins and then I put on Jasper’s ‘PJ’s’ and let him out.  I am still worried about horses stepping on my feet and I still walk in a awkward position!

Jasper! ahhhhh!

Please click to enlarge and see Jaspers mucsles flexing!

Here is a photo of me riding my good old Jasper!