Polycarp: The Crown of Fire

By William Chad Newson



Polycarp was born in the year 69AD.    He lived in Rome and was the Bishop of Smyrna.

Polycarp was taught by one of the twelve disciples: John.  When John died (in 100AD) Polycarp continued learning and began preaching.   He was known as someone who knew the gospels inside out.   He had a close friend called Papias.    Once he and Papias had a quarrel that lasted for years!  When the Romans started attacking the Christians they hunted down Polycarp.  They found him in an old secluded house.  They waited until next morning to let Polycarp pray with his friends, then he was led away and finally was martyred on the stake.  Witnesses say that while he was burning a sweet fragrance like frankincense filled the breeze.  Legend says that later on when almost all the people had left they found that his body wasn’t burned and that to make sure that he was dead, the proconsul had his body stabbed and after this a dove flew forth from his body.

This was a great book and a great man. It is a good read, I totally enjoyed it!