Florence YOungeFlorence Young: Mission Accomplished

By Janet and Geoff Benge

Florence  grew up in New Zealand and Australia.  She went back to England for schooling but never enjoyed it there.  She started a mission to the enslaved kanakas in Australia.  She taught them how to read and write and about God.  Hundreds became Christians.  When the government decided they didn’t want them any more the slaves all traveled back to their homes in New Guinea, where there were witch doctors and most of the people were cannibals.

When they all left, she followed them, and set up a mission there.  Lots of missionaries came over.  Lots of people died because of their new christian beliefs. In a tribe when someone died, their family would go to a witch doctor and ask who killed that person (even if it was sickness or old age that killed them!) and the witch docotor would tell them about someone and they would murder them and then their family would go to the witch doctor and so on.

Sometimes Florence took in babies that were thought to be cursed.  If you had twins, the babies had to die.   Florence looked after the babies as her own until their mother wanted them back and saved the mother from death. She had quite a collection at one stage.

She also worked in China before World War1. When war started she left China.

I loved this book. It was pretty cool (but not as good as fiction!)


– Meggie4u