“C’mon Spirit” said a girl with blonde straight hair as she urged her horse, a pinto with brown and white patches, onward on a VERY overgrown trail.
“We haven’t seen this one before have we girl?” she kept talking trying to keep herself calm. She wanted to find out where it led to, but she was scared.
A twig broke.
A shiver crawled up her spine.  Should she go on?  Maybe she should have waited for her friend, Haddley.
“Theres no turning back now,” she whispered to herself.
The trail through the bush whipped branches across her face and the sides of her horse, sometimes it stung.
Beautiful yellow flowers hung on branches. She found herself thinking about the book she was reading, The Lost World.
She loved fantasy.
Her name was Delphie, and she was fourteen years old.  Her Mum was a stay at home Mum and her Dad worked in a post office.
Horses and fantasy just about made her world.
She went onward, scaring birds up to the sky.
A currawong shared its creepy call out to the world.
A soft wind blew, spreading a soft purple glitter into the atmosphere. . . . . . .