Delphie felt her tummy lurch with excitement.  Someone or something was watching them.
She was scared.
Delphie urged Spirit onward, into a canter.  The eerie path widened a bit, giving room to gallop.
A black object whooshed across the path, like a sheet on the washing line swaying in the breeze.
Spirit rose into a rear, again and again rose and fell.  Delphie gripped, frightened.  Her nerves went through to the horse and made him rear all the more.  He threw back his head and Delphie fell off.
Spirit, frightened, thinking ‘What just fell behind me?’ Galloped off as fast as he could go.
The currawong called.
Delphie picked herself up – GREAT!  She didn’t even know where she was!
She noticed a long drip of dark red blood ooze down her leg.
Something stuck out of her knee.
It was barbed wire.  She sat down, a jolt of pain crawled up her leg.
It was getting dark.
She gave a little tug to the barbed wire and flopped onto the floor of leaves, unconscious.
A little later she woke up; it was getting chilly and dark and was able to pull  the barbed wire out; thankfully it didn’t hurt so much that she fainted!
“Where am I?” Her voice cut through the trees engulfing her.
She tried to get up, and then went along a little way.
Someone was watching: why didn’t they come out and help her?
“Help!” screamed Delphie.
Only the fluttering of wings came back to her.
She wobbled along a little way, painfully.  Tears streamed down her face, she bit her lip, and thought of her mum.  Yes, that made her feel better!
She stumbled and her feet lost the ground for a couple of moments and she landed heavily in an unknown ditch.
“OUCH!’ she screamed, and fainted.