Her eyelids opened.
Why was she sitting in a ditch?  Where was she?
Delphie tried to stand up.
Pain flooded up her leg and into her hip.
Everything came back.
She sighed.
Delphie tried to walk but soon gave up and sat back down.
It was morning, but the bush seemed greener in a way.
A small black bird zoomed past her ear.
She shivered.
It sat down on her leg.
Delphie froze.
It wasn’t a bird but a fai-fai-fairy.
It had long black hair and a black dress with snow white skin and pink cheeks.
It bit her and flew away chirping excitedly.
She lied down.
Surely she was dreaming.  But why was the pain there if she was dreaming?
A twig cracked somewhere nearby.
She froze and felt pain and fear take over her whole body.
Something moved.
She gulped.
A snow white horse with a bit of a glow about it trotted out from behind a bush straight up to her streched out its neck and sniffed her riding boots.
She screamed.
It had a – had a hor-horn on its head!
Where was she?
“You need help.” A voice said
The unicorn could talk?
The voice laughed.