51hG619b9FL__SL500_AA240_“Rebekah was merely the daughter of her father.  But when she was taken to Isaac she took on a new identity, the identity of her groom.  Our identity is now in our groom.  The past identity is forgotten, with all its obligations. Our groom is now our identity and nothing in our past matters any more.  The bride takes on not only the identity of the groom but his name as well.  She’s now forever known by that name. “

“This groom shepherd is worthy of our affection and deserving of our leaving everything behind and embracing him as our own. “

The Worship Driven Life.   By A.W. Tozer.

The Worship Driven Life is an awesome book filled to the brim about worshipping God.  Every chapter is filled with A.W. Tozers recorded sermons before he died.  How to worship, how not to worship, when and where to worship and how and how not to worship is all discussed in this book.  I would highly recommend reading it, it will change your life.