Words, Chapter 4


It was a nymph of the forest.  She was talking – it was not the unicorn.
The forest nymph was beautiful, her skin shone pale green.
She looked more apart of the forest than of a human kind.
“You are hurt.”  She spun from the bush and to the unicorns side in a flash.
She patted her. “You should ride the unicorn to the Great One. He can heal you.” She said the nymph.
“Heal me?” She sniffed.
“Yes, ” she said. “He looks like you to.”
“C’mon.” She said. “Jump on!”
It was a long process getting her on the unicorn. Her leg ached as the nymph helped as much as she could. She was riding along in the forest. Scary monsters lurking in every shadow.
The nymph said she’s meet her there. The pain shot up her leg, and she lapsed into unconssience.
She dreamed of her past life as she drifted in and out of the world she was in. The memory that seemed to play over and over in her head was when Grandfather had vanished and Grandmother died the next year of a broken heart. She had been so mad, how could a person leave his wife just like that?

– Chapter 5 coming soon.

Copyright, Meggie4u 2009