What time is it?   umm.. 1:34 in the afternoon

What is your favourite colour?  Probably grey at the moment

What is your favourite show? I dont really have one! 😀

What things do you like doing?  reading, writing, drawing, helping my mum with house work, looking after my pets exct.

What singers do you like? Rebecca St. James, Brooke Fraser, and Bethany Dillion

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I believe God is calling me to be a missionary in India, doing something related to the children there.

What will you do when you are 20 years old?  Probably start saving up for air fares

Have you ever been to another country? NO! I wish I had though!

Have you ever been to Oregon? No – where is that?

What language are you learning? An old lanuguage not spoken anymore – Latin

Do you like classical, pop, or rock music? pop and classical

Have you ever been on stage? Yes, at church I regularly play the piano for worship.

Can you sing? *cough* not – really

What is your favourite song?  ‘Hero’ sung by Bethany Dillion

Have you ever seen Watoto perform? no, but I so want to! EVERYONE has seen Watoto except me!

Have you ever even heard of Watoto until now? Yep.

Have you ever heard Waratah Girls choir sing? No.

Are you apart of a choir? Unfortanatly not.

Do you like interviews? Well, I have never been interviewed, but I interviewed my Nan once and I enjoyed that!

Do you like having people asking you irritating questions like these ones now?  Umm.. LOL I dunno

Are you famous? I wish

Do you like dancing? Yes.

If you dance, how often do you do it? umm, well you know when your making toast in the morning, being silly in the afternoon, or washing the car listening to music.

If you sing, how often do you do it? Almost every second day. (My poor mother has to put up with it! :D)

Do you own a horse? NO! boohoo!

Have you ever ridden a horse?  Yes.

How often do you ride? Umm.. when I book lessons I have them once a fortnight.

How old are you? fourteen years old.

How old do you want to be? ummm… probably 15 so I can watch some M rated movies that I cannot wait to watch and are absoltuly killing me.

Are you bored at the moment? No – I am never bored when I am on the computer.

Do you enjoy life? YES!

Do you make the most of hard situations? What does that mean?

How do you wear your hair? (I just had to ask that question, I am obsessed with hair styles) Just normel, but I am going to cut 5-10 cms off soon.

Do you prefer dress’s or pants? OH! Thats so difficult! Depends on the day and what I am doing and who I am seeing,

Have you ever driven a car? Yes.

How many times did you fail your driving test? (LOL!!) Well, Dad kept telling me not to do stuff, so I probably failed every time! LOL

What sort of car do you want when you grow up? Dad wants me to have a Jeep – I dont really care.

Do you prefre riding a horse, or riding in a car? riding a horse! DEFINATLY!

Do you prefre riding in a horse and buggy, or a car? a car.

Have you ever been in a horse and buggy? no unfortanatly – at least I dont think so!

Do you own a dog? no.

Do you own a cat? no.

Do you own a snake? no (never!)

Do you own a spider? no.

Do you own a monkey? eww- no!

Do you like gorrilars? LOL – no.

Do you like Steve Irwin? umm.. sort of.

Who are you a fan of? Amy Carmichael, and Elisabeth Elliot.

What day is it? Saturday

What time is it now? 1:46

Who will you tag? ummmmm… I will tag Anna!   http://thoughtsinmydowntime.blogspot.com/