Who is Your Favourite Artist: Bethany Dillion and Brooke Fraser
What is your favourite song: Probably ‘Hero’ by Bethany Dillion
Do you like Miley Cyrus: No way! I try to really watch the sort of music I listen to because through the bible the Lord has commanded us to stay apart from the world and its worldly treasures, so I try to listen to only christian music that has a deep feeling of christianity in it. Please dont get offended at my opinion, yours may not be the same and I respect that, but I just feel God wants me to be apart from the world. So, when I do listen to Miley Cyrus, Pink or Taylor Swift its on a shopping centre or at work or when my friends just have to make me listen to this ne song they love! 😀
Do you like Pink: No way! 😀
Do You like Taylor Swift: not anymore.
Do you like the song Fun House (by Pink): no
Do you like the song Love Story (by Taylor Swift): I did, but since then my dear mother has pointed out to me the ‘not so good’ stuff in the lyrics, because Cmon is it right to sneak out to see your boy friend when your dad has told you not to, even if you were a princess??
Do you like the song Party in the USA (by Miley Cyrus): defiantly not
Do you like the song Paparazzi (by Lady Gaga): no, I havent ever heard these songs! (I think!)
Do you like the song Papa Don’t Preach (by Maddonna): no
Do you enjoy singing: Yes
Are you part of a choir: No, defiantly not. I dont have that good of a voice.
How often do you sing: While I am washing the car, in my room by myself, hanging out with my sis’s, with friends, I cannot really count!
If you were to become a singer, what sort of music would you use, Pop, Rock or Jazz: Probably pop.
Have you ever sung on stage: No, but I play the piano at church sometimes!
Who will you tag: hmmm… I tag (drum roll) ANNA!