This is the preview for the book I am writing – I hope you like it!  Please give comments on what I could call the book!  Thanks so much!

King Elohim has left Goddard (His kingdom) on business, but whilst He’s gone the enemy attacks.  Ralt with blood-red eyes, the prince of darkness comes raging into Goddard, burning homes, killing men, women and children and taking the rest to be sold out through out the world as slaves, scattered so they can never come against him again.  But Ralt has larger and darker intentions than burning Goddard to the ground.  Twelve people escape from the rubble of Goddard’s burnt houses.  Can they be the twelve warriors King Elohim destined them for and defeat Ralt and his men form their kingdom? 

Rachelle is a pretty slave girl serving Teague, a rich poet, who lives just outside Ralt’s kingdom Payne.  She cleans out the fairies cage, sneaks off with her best friend Balbina a wood nymph, and argues with her master.  The only thing making her life dreadful is herself – and Kenton, the evil man overseeing Teagues’ household.  She is beaten locked in with the fairies and teased.  But one night her whole world changes when Ralt comes for a visit…

I will be posting the Prologue on here soon for you all to read! Please help me think up a title for it!

~ Meggie4u