Elisabeth Elliot the husband of Jim Elliot martyr from the Auca Indians in Ecuador wrote these awesome books referring to missionary life.

No Graven Image
This is her only fictional book ever about a young woman missionary called Margaret who feels called to the high Andes of Eucador. In this book Elisabeth Elliot is VERY realistic – even when it hurts. In the begining of the book it says “As it turned out, many readers would have preferred a happily-ever-after ending and they remonstarted with me about the plot, saying “I just can’t believe that God would allow things like this to happen.” Sorry, folks, He does.”
As you can see through that quote it is a book full of spiritual struggles, but I found that the message that she wanted to show through it was definatly sown in me. I did not find the ending saddening but more, well you feel there is more but that is were the book leaves off. If you intend to be a missionary (or not) you should read this book.

These Strange Ashes
This book is NOTHING like the above. In this book Elisabeth Elliot shares the faith lessons of her first year as a missionary. I throughlt enjoyed this book. She writes with very good description and made me yearn for more after I had finished. This book will make you laugh, and sober. It is an awesome all-rounder, again ANYONE who wants to be a missionary or is looking for an awesome spiritual reading should read this book.

– Meggie