Who does this to us and is it fair?

Before I started reading ‘Confessions’ by Saint Agustine, I thought that as babes we were sinless, or close to it – for how on earth could a baby sin? They dont seem to have anyway to do it for they are so small, they can barely use their limbs and can hardley talk.  But, they can think! Even a newborn baby can think, and its thoughts are made known to its parents as it gets older and can show them to them by using signals and facial expressions.

Behold, I was brought forth in inquity,
and in sin my mother conceived me.

(Psalms 51: 5) When we are born we sin. Its a simple fact of truth, David recognised it and God confrmed it in Psalm 58:3:

The wicked are estranged from the womb;
They go astray as soon as they are born, speaking lies.

 Who does this  to us? Well, my immediate thought is the devil, if he starts us off young – surely we will follow in the path of sinning? But, God comes in again with a dagger, He tells the parents to ‘instruct a child in the way it should go.’ Very soon the child undrstands were he/she will get a smack or were he/she wont. We grow up doing evil, and we keep on doing evil. Only God can save us from that path of destruction we are put on at such an early age.

Is it fair that we sin when we are conceieved? Well, Eve picked the fruit and ate it didnt she? Then did not Adam took some to and ate it? The first human beings on earth did the one and only thing they were not allowed to do, and so sin broke out in the world, resulting in pain, sin, death and hardship. In a way this is fair, our race brought it on ourselves we deserve Gods punishment and the whole of mankind must face it – we are full of sin, and if we shout “its not fair!” in the devils face, would not the devil laugh and decided that he has snared us down in a pit of ‘its not fair-ness?’

Think upon these things as you go about the day, let me know what you think.

– Written by Meggie. An activity for Omnibus II, Church Fathers through the Reformation.