Thy Will be Done Art Print

'Thy will be done' By Danny Halhbohm

Sin infects all if us on earth, it makes us see things unclearly, we do not understand the real meaning of things, we are lost but we see ourselves as free to do what we want. But, even with the sickness of sin, something urges us at some point in our lives that there could be something better than this. You want something so bad but you cant find where it is, or how to get it. You long for truth, without knowing its name, you long for grace.

We find Jesus, oh what joy! We are saved and through Gods grace accepted into His kingdom, we see things clearly, our eyes are opened, the living water washes over our parched lips. But soon, it all comes back again. We are a new creature – but, we still sin no matter what we try to do. We will always sin to the end of our days, if sin is not dealt with and thrown away we will go back to our normel lives, back to the sin infected flesh, in the bondage of the devil. How do we stop this? By loving the Lord Jesus, being very sorry for those silly things we have done, and always striving to be better, to be sinless. Jesus died on the cross as the one and only sacrifice to replace all of our sins, in forgivness we are wiped clean! But you will sin that exact sin again, you will try your utmost, but you do it over and over. That harsh word to your sibling, the quarrel with your mother, the lie to your friend. There is only one way can we overcome sin –  through Jesus. We cannot do it alone, Jesus is there waiting for you to admit defeat and come to Him. Ask Him to help you, and slowly but steadily you will overcome sin, and be formed into Christ’s image. That sin may come back to you, weeks, months and years after it is dealt with. Take a quick prayer to God, with Him when it comes again, you will be victorious!

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26. New International Version.

It is not to hard. Have you given your burden of sin to Jesus? Only He can take it completly from you.

– Meggie. An activity for Omnibus II, Church Fathers through the Reformation.