Home at Last Art Print

'Home at last' by Danny Halhbohm

If we don’t keep ourselves from the ways of the world, it is very easy to be enslaved by sin once again after our conversion. This comes around when we stray from the Way. The devil tempts us, and we give in to the tempting to do sin, and all of a sudden its easier to do it again, and again, and then again. God hasn’t moved away from us, we have moved from Him. Our lives go back to the ways of the flesh and your peace is lost.

We all still sin, but the differences is that as soon as we ask forgiveness, we are clean. When we become addicts of sin, we will run from Judge of Everything, and so run from forgiveness, and so our heavy load grows until once again we must go to Him, or die. Believers can become addicts to sin, but there is only one way you can try to guard yourself from going back to the old ways of sin. Ask for forgiveness, do not let your pride get in the way of confessing. It was your fault all along, you have no one to blame, tell Him that! The essence of true cleansing from sin addictions is to ask the Lord to help you. By yourself you cannot climb these mountains, only with God can it be accomplished, by asking Him, He helps you day by day and soon you find it easier not to do that sin.

Guard yourself from the devil, he comes in many ways, keep in tune with scripture and so you will be a shield from the devil. Do not let your guard down! The devil is always attacking, find peace in God.

– Written by Meggie. An activity for Omnibus II, Church Fathers through the Reformation.