I am the Light Art Print

"I am the Light" By Danny Hahlbohm

Oh, Lord. From the womb You were with me, from the beginning of time You have loved me, and yet I do not deserve such love and grace. From the moment I was born I sinned, all my years I have sinned, everyday I sin numerously but You my Heavenly Father always are there for me and You are always ready to start over afresh and forgive my sins. Praise You Lord!
I was born into a Christian home with lovely parents devoted to serving You and teaching us about You, but alas – did I follow Your laws and commandments? No, never. From the moment I was born I was guilty of sin and as I grew I grew in sin even though the teaching of my parents was always around me.
I stole. Lord, thankyou for forgiving this treacherous sin, after all my parents had given me I stole. Why? I had a lust for money which I had not learned to rein down. I gave in to the weakest impulses and temptations. Dad had a big tin that sat on his bed-side table which he put all his loose change in. My mother could not trust me in my bedroom at rest time and I often had rest time on mummy’s bed. There the devil tempted me, first I only took a few, but I became bolder and bolder, taking almost one dollar at a time. I felt happily evil, to take money which I didn’t have to work for and go buy a new two dollar doll, ext. I did not know you Lord, although I believed in your existence. You were never far from me at all, but I was pushing you away. Thankyou Lord for sending the Saviour! Without Him, we would still be lost sheep wretchedly stuck in a bog of our own sins.
My dear parents knew what was happening, but in understanding they waited. And waited. But I did not own up, I started to steal other things, like chewing gum from my mum, ext. It was ever-growing, that is when the guilt started to weigh down, but I lightly brushed it off and tried to forget and hoped that if I forgot it enough it would go away. But my foolishness was to be found out. I was punished and had to stay in my room for two days only coming out for meals and schoolwork, I had to give  the money back to them. In those quiet hours, God took me and wound my thoughts. I knew I was wrong. I knew I was wretched. Asking for forgiveness, I was humbled and with His beautiful help I never again stole from my parents. And Lord, that was only when I was seven or eight, that was only one sin that I have committed in Your sight.
But now, I can proclaim joyously that I am forgiven of this sin, and it no longer weighs upon my shoulders, praise the Lord of heaven and earth! Wonderful are Your works, my God! Thankyou Lord, for Your wonderful sacrifice! I am forgiven! Praise the Lord!

– Written by Meggie. An activity for Omnibus II, Church Fathers through the Reformation. My Confession based upon my deeds and “Confessions” written by Saint Augustine.