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What is it?   Cholesterol is an essential type of fat that is contained in every single cell of our body. To help us develope/grow and function it produces steroid hormones, it also produces bile (in the stomach) to digest helpful fats that would not be absorbed otherwise.

But, what about the bad reputation cholesterol has?  Well, it’s a simple act of us blaming cholesterol of what we put in our own mouths. You see, our bodies produce all of the cholesterol that it needs without absorbing it from food. But foods with lots of saturated fat add to the already perfect cholesterol levels, our body has what it needs, but when we eat too much fatty food it raises the level of cholesterol in our blood stream.

How much cholesterol can we have?   A little excess cholesterol is okay, but if you have too much, you will gain weight and with even higher cholesterol levels of about 6.5 mmol/L you could develop heart disease.

What is heart disease? Heart disease is very harmful. Without you knowing, you could have it right now and not have any side effects. Heart disease takes 70-80 years to properly develop. A complete break from cholesterol however is not the answer, if you need to lower your cholesterol, all you have to do is eliminate some foods from your diet to successfully lower it to a normal cholesterol level of 4 mmol/L.

Some foods to steer away from:

  • Bacon, oils, hot chips
  • Processed meats: salami, luncheon
  • Ice Cream (Nooooo…. anything but not THAT!)
  • Cream & Butter
  • snacking foods: chips, crackers, cheese snacks

Instead try to use margarine instead of butter, and when you eat meat, choose a lean meat or a skinless chicken. Gaining weight isn’t nice, is it? Most of you will agree with me, that if we could we would change our bodies we would all have skinny and athletic bodies.  Our bodies are Gods Temples when He comes and live inside of us. Our bodies are just one of the gifts God has given to us to look after. How are you looking after your body???

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– Meggie 😀