oday… I am doing schoolwork, hopefully bake some muffins, and praise the Lord!
O utside my window… it is still raining!  I am trying to be thankful for it!
I am thinking… about my sister’s birthday which is on Wednesday… cannot wait to see her face when I give her present!
I am thankful for… an awesome close-knit church family. We may not know all of each other, but we are on the same-sort of journey. It’s wonderful to come and worship with them. I just wish my friends from church could see that too.
I am wearing… a long denim skirt with a plain aqua shirt!  
I am reading… I Kissed Dating Goodbye, taking a break from Eldest for another week, the Hobbit, and Do Hard Things.
I am creating… maybe this week I will create a poster with a virtuous woman bible verses on it! I love creating bible verse posters, they help me memorize them and their heaps fun to make!
O ne of my favourite things… being confident and content in God’s will! To be able to trust God is so apart of my character that when I go through hard times and I lose it, I feel strangely depressed and not whole. This week I have dived out of a hard time and I am ‘on top of the world!’
F or education this week… I am doing all the normal subjects, and maybe another nature walk, maybe we might go down to the beach if the weather clears up a bit.
A  keeper at home skill I am using/learning … to use our new stove to perfection! It’s so awesome! It doesn’t burn anything and everything! It looks much more posh in our kitchen.

 A  spiritual lesson I’m learning… to be thankful for all types of weather and how to drink deeply of scripture towards the end of the week when I seem to get tired.
A godly character trait I plan to work on… patience!
S cripture I am memorizing… Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing ye shall receive. – Matthew 21:22
I am praying for… salvation for a girl I know, and for a family who had their house burnt down who have a baby boy that has heart defect.
F or the rest of the week… we are visiting a homeschooled family, I have my first youth leaders meeting (I am becoming a youth leader! yay! :D), and my sisters 11th birthday!
A  picture I’d like to share…