1.The date: 26th March.

2.The time: 2:41

3.The last movie you saw: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the animated version.

4.A random feeling of yours:  Excitable-ness!

5.The last song you listened to: Everyone to Know, by Bethany Dillon.

6.Last thing you ate: Home-baked bread with vegemite!

7.Last thing you drank: water.

8.Last candy you had: Krispy Kreme dougnuts, if that counts!

9.Last person you PMed on HSB: Anna.

10.Five material things you want for your birthday: I dont know yet, its so long away!

11.Five unrealistic things you want for your birthday: a white arabian, to go to Gulu, Africa, and maybe to be able to meet Alex and Brett Harris from www.therebelution.com

12.Last scary thing that happened to you: My first youth leaders meeting! Phew!

13.Last family member you talked to:  my Mum.

14.What windows do you have open on your computer: Internet….and Internet! 

15.Most used smiley:  😀

16.Exclamation you use when you make a mistake: Ummmm…. probably whoops with a giant smile.

17.Last thing you stubbed your toe on: well, probably a wall…. as usal!

18.Last HSBlog you saw: Blue:Jane, have you visited her?

Thanks for tagging me Chelonia! I would like to tag TnBaby Girl and Kira!