Go on, have a look!Being sick of the “What good girls you are!” comments, I have taken up the sibling challenge to try and really be good to my sisters and have a living relationship with them. The Sibling Challenge is run by Pip and Laura, two homeschooled girls that want to challenge the way we treat our siblings. By joining the sibling challenge, you decide to make your siblings your friends. Yep, thats right. By giving up something you usually do whether it be reading, computer-ing :D, writing, watching tv, or listeneing to music and giving that time to your siblings.

To kick off the Sibling Challenge for me, I told my sisters what I was planning to do to improve our relationship. They were quite happy about the idea. So, (crossing my fingers) I said that I would do whatever they wanted me to play with them for an hour and a half.  Thankfully, they were nice to me. we had a lovely time playing on our Schleich farm and a treasure hunt. I am thinking of calling these times ‘Sisters Time’. In this time I would like to play with my sisters the games they want to play, or invite one into my room for a ‘Hows Life going?’ talk. Also with the Sibling Challenge I want to be more aware of my younger sister, she is a bit of an attention seeker, and because of that she always seems to be saying ‘Come look at this’ or ‘Watch me do this’. Therefore, I am a little bit impatient with her somtimes or I just plainly ignore her,  I hope to train myself out of such sins.

Remeber, you dont have to become apart of the Sibling Challenge to enrich your friendship with your brothers and sisters… I find that to get me going I need a bit of accountability. I would encourage you to visit the website.


This is also my goodbye post! *sniff sniff* I am taking a two week break for the holidays to get myself up to date with story writing and movie making that I have piled up ready for me. So, until then my dear friends, we must part! See you then! Blessings, Meggie