oday…term 2 started- NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
O utside my window… It is scattered showers. I hope the sun comes out for good soon!
I am thinking… about doing some hard things.
I am thankful for… having a Christian family.
I am wearing… a grey shirt that has long-sleeves rolled up to three-quaters and a sky-blue skirt.
I am reading… The Ecclesiatical History of the English People by Bede (a monk), Twelve Estra-Ordinary Women by John MacArthur (I hope to write a book review on it!), and Airborn by Kenneth Oppel.
I am creating… a section on my blog, where I will share my lessons in HTML, how exciting! 😀
O ne of my favourite things… drinking soup whilst lying on a couch all bundled up on a cold winters day reading, cannot wait to do it!
F or education this week… its back to the bookwork! Ugh!
A keeper at home skill I am using/learning … to keep my bedroom absolulty clean. We may be moving!
A spiritual lesson I’m learning… to trust in God no matter what, and to give Him all my worries! Its REALLY REALLY hard.
A godly character trait I plan to work on… I don’t think this is really a godly character trait, but I am working on slouching. It has become a real problem, especially when I am relaxing- *sigh* its so hard! 
S cripture I am memorizing… Whatsoever ya ask in prayer, believeing ye shall recieve- Matthew 21:22
I am praying for… one of my friends who is questioning God, and His Word. She doesn’t believe anymore that the Bible is real- but she wants to be talked out of becoming a non-Christian. I am on www.creation.com to try and find answers. These questions havent endangered my own faith at all, I can see God everywhere especially after she asked the questions. If you could all prayer for her and for me, if we all prayer imagine what can happen- I am getting worried about her, but I am trying to sacrifice that worry to God.
F or the rest of the week… *sigh* school and school! 😀 Its not that bad, I am actually finding it a little easier this term, (maybe because of the break?) 🙂
A picture I’d like to share…