T odayI am cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! 😀
O utside my windowit is beautifully sunny, with great white puffy clouds. The sunrise was beautiful! I love the great oranges we get.
I  am thinking…about making some really cool graphics and stuff for my blog…. and maybe some sort of book club where we all write a short story all taking a turn every week…. what do you think? 😀
am thankful formy awesome Mum, you can visit her at Marigold Cottage
I  am wearingan aqua t-shirt and a long denim skirt, the best home skirt around! 😀 What are you wearing today, ladies?
I  am readingThe Ecclesastical History of the English People, by Bede and I think I might dig into and re-read some of the Billabong books and maybe read Starclimber by Kenneth Oppel on the weekend (we’re going camping!)
am creatingsome graphics and maybe a new header for my blog… what do you think? Should I stick with this layout, I quite like it.
O ne of my favourite thingswatching or reading Pride & Prejudice.
F or education this week…nothing special will be happening, oh- but I wont have to do Logic because I have finished it- YIPEE! 😀
A   keeper at home skill I am using/learningto keep the house forever clean….*sigh* oh, and I am getting good at those maddening tidy-ups you do before people come over! 😀
spiritual lesson I’m learningto recognise what I was and would be without God. It has hit me recently, I feel so bogged down with my sin, but He has taken it away! Hallelujah! (Hopefully I dont snatch it back! )
godly character trait I plan to work on… to be humble, I have struggled with pride SO much the past few weeks it has really gotten terrible. May the Lord help me through it!
S cripture I am memorizingHebrews 13:1-8… verse 5b says: “because the LORD has said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake’ so we say with confidence, ‘the LORD is my Helper, I will not fear, what can man do to me?'”
am praying formy friend still, that she will recognise that she needs Jesus. And also for our old pastor who has cancer, thankyou all for your prayers, I believe God will give us a breakthrough!
F or the rest of the week… we are going camping! WOOHOO! 😀
A   picture I’d like to share