Twelve Extraordinary Women
Written by John MacArthur

From Ruth, to Anna, to Martha and Mary, to Hannah, to the Samaritan Women, to Mary the mother of Jesus, to Sarah, to Mary Magdalene, to Eve, to Rahab and to Lydia. All of these were amazing women of faith, John MacArthur has a search through the lives of each one spiritually. He looks at their surroundings and influences, from reading this I have learnt many things about the culture of their day from this great book. I found it quite thrilling, each chapter covers a women of faith and looks into her spiritual characteristics good and bad. John MacArthur has weaved this very well, the women themselves come alive in a sense I have not experienced before. I finished it all to quickly, I didn’t want to read the last chapter because then it would be all over! *Sob*!

Some things that have jumped out to me while reading this book is that extraordinary is spelt extra-ordinary. It opened up my eyes to the words meaning that I throw around every day! 🙂
Also, I was amazed to learn so much about Eve. What do you know about her? Well, the first chapter of this book really delves into her character from the small amount of verses we have of her. Did you ever think how beautiful Eve must have been… the first woman without any sin tainting her?  She also carried many burdens spiritually, being dramatically exposed to sin like that she would have had many many tears. She grew extremely determined and was strengthened by the fact that a redeemer would come from her seed.
I also really enjoyed reading about Rahab and the Samaritan Woman. The Samaritan Woman has always been a favourite with me, I can relate to her very easily. Rahab was really interesting to read about, she had such a dramatic conversion and the love of God just empowered her life in a really ‘WOW’ sort of way!

I give this book a 5/5 stars! I would highly recommend this book, for ages 13 and up!

Soli Deo Gloria,