T oday… is the start of a new adventured filled week!
O utside my window… the bright blue sky is filled with big white puffy clouds with a soft cold wind blowing them over!
I    am thinking… of how awesomly my Mum plays the piano/keyboard.
I    am thankful for… this bright brand new day, and that I can start afresh everyday, like Anne of Green Gables says, ‘every day is fresh, with no mistake in it- yet!’
I    am wearing… a v-necked, long sleeved white t-shirt and a white skirt with pink flowers and green stems wreathed all over it.
I    am reading… Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Ecclesiatical History of the English Language by Bede, Spurgeons Sermons on Prayer, I Kissed Dating goodbye by Joshua Harris, and on Wednesday I am going to start reading the Three Musteers! Has anyone read it?
I    am creating… Little cards to place around my bedroom to remind me of simple truths from the Bible. I have made the first one that says love is patient (with the refrence) that has different flowers and swirly lines twirling around the word ‘love’.
O ne of my favourite things…eating white toast caked with butter! Yum!
F or education this week… its all the usual, as usual!
A    keeper at home skill I am using/learning … well, in Home Economics I am learning how to go grocery shopping at the moment. Shall I tell you some tips on how to cheeply grocery shop? Well, I cannot help myself- I must! 🙂

  • Make a ‘Master List’ of everything you always want to have in the pantry, like flour, salt, et cetera. Then refer to this list when you make your shopping list, and you will never forget anything!
  • Never shop when your hungry!
  • Have a look at cheeper brands, they may have the same quality than more expensive brands.
  • Make a weekly/monthly meal menu- and stick to it! Lessen your impulse shopping. Grow your own food! 😀


A    spiritual lesson I’m learning… that I am special, and God doesn’t want ‘me’ to be anyone else but ‘me’. And that I can be thankful in any and every situation.
A    godly character trait I plan to work on… to be humble and not seeking self glory, which is something I am having a real struggle with.
S cripture I am memorizing… I am not actually memorizing a definate scripture, hmmm…. I will have to look into my scripture memorization.
I    am praying for… my friends and a house that we have found that is for rent, I am praying that God will keep it for us for when we need to move.
F or the rest of the week… its all the usual except that we are going to go spend a day or two with our grandparents and mums side of the family.
A    picture I’d like to share…

Is your love always patient?