The Ignition Blog The Ignition is a website dedicated to help teens ignite their love for God. Every June the writers of the Ignition get together and everyday they post, come along on an adventure where we can get to know God with these awesome girls, and watch Him as He performs a radical change in us. 

I never really understood what the Ignition were about, but it came blasting home to me today. This week God showed me that my push and determination to follow God in everything was made from a small lie that slowly over the years instilled into my life. I wanted glory for myself, never for God. As God has re-directed me and I have followed the narrow way this week, I came across this verse that says: 


For the love of Christ compels us
 ~ 2 Corinthians 5:14a 

I have realized that instead of want for my own glory it should be our love for Yahweh. This is what the Ignition is all about, igniting our love for God. I may have found the Ignition last year, but God knew I needed it way before even then how great are His Works? Praise God!