~ Written by Meggie, protected by Copyscape.
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Amala squirmed her toes in her big black boots as they rode along in the rain. There was Vuissance, her and her father. Vuissance was overjoyed to be able to join them, and Amala’s worry had been subsided for awhile as she chatted to her friend in the golden sunshine, but now it had turned to drenching rain. Where they were exactly going, Amala wasn’t certain, but her father seemed to know the way, and she trusted him.
Amalas pocket seemed very heavy. No, she didn’t trust her father that much. The comb had been snuck along, and not even Vuissance had noticed of yet. Amala didn’t think her father understood what that comb meant to her. It was so golden and beautiful!
The horses stumbled along the muddy road, they were all in heavy cloaks, but still the rain had soaked them through and through. They all hoped urgently that this rain would sometime stop. It was not fine travelling weather, and with it came silence, and with silence came a foreboding she couldn’t describe. She just hoped it would soon go away.
They rode on and on, hours later the rain subsided somewhat, and her father started looking for a place to rest for the night. They found a beautiful glade, where dry pinecones matted the ground. The pines overhead were so thick that only in a few places was the ground damp.
“How long will the trip take us?” Amala asked. She already was tired of the whole journey thing.
“It could be quick, or it could be slow. Depending on the barriers up ahead.” her father replied as he layed out his wet cloak, and built a fire from the pinecones.
Amala was tired, but Vuissance’s happiness was not dampened by the rain one bit.
“Amala, doesn’t these trees smell different from the ones at home?”
Amala breathed in. “They do in a way.”
Vuissance did a little twirl. “What do you think the land will be like?”
“What land?” Amala asked almost sourly.
“The place we are going to!” Vuissance plopped down next to her.
“I will tell you about that place,” said the King. “It has many pools and rivers, gigantic waterfalls, large trees, and soft green fields. Flowers adorn the side of every road, and every rose has no thorns. There I am also King.”
Amala bitterly smiled. She wondered if her father knew about the comb just by the way she looked. She hoped not.
“The fire will need some sticks, come Amala, lets gather them!” Vuissance bounded up, grabbed Amala’s arm and fled off in search of twigs. They had a hot supper, changed into there night things, hung there wet bliauts near the fire and went to sleep.
But the King lay with his head on a root, preparing himself for what the next day would bring. He sighed.
They were all soon on there way bright and early, the sun was shining, and the muddy road was starting to dry. Amala felt merry, and peaceful. She forgot all about her comb, it may not have even been in her saddlebag for all she knew. She laughed at the birds as they swung about them. They had many races along the road, and made up riddles to each other to pass the time.
But the King stayed alert and grim in his saddle, he was always watchful. Amala worried about him every now and again, when she looked his way, but he seemed only to get more tense as they went on.
Soon, they came to a wooden bridge. It had bright new wooden boards stained heavily to stop it from rotting from the water that was splashed up against it. A roaring river flowed beneath it, the bridge looked very safe. But the King stopped.
“Girls, I want you to remember that whatever happens, I can help you in anything.”
Amala had little time to think before two massive ogres stood out from the road side. They must have hidden in the foliage at the sides of the river.
“You cant cross, unless you pay.” said one ogre.
Vuissance shuddered. Her horse pawed the ground nervously.
“But we have nothing,” said the King. “We are poor travelers.”

screamed, her horse bolted back down the road. Amala quaked in terror as the other ogre lurched towards her, stripping her off of her horse………Vuissance“We sense otherwise, you liar!” The other ogre lurched out at them.