We were chatting at Youth Group last week, and the topic came up that we are in the world, not of the world. I thought that was really interesting, and it reminds us that we are of Gods chosen people, our home, our land is in not of this world. Its sort of interesting to think of that, it reminds me that some of the things that the ‘world’ does, we cannot do. But a point came up that we shouldn’t give up everything. We still need to be in touch of the world, so that we can communicate with others to lead them to Jesus.  I have been thinking quite a lot about this, its interesting….What do you think of this? What could we give up, and when can we do it?

Something else that was intersting that has gotten me thinking was that when we read the Bible, we should listen to what it means not what it says. Its so true, that quite a lot of the time we take people so seriously when we really know what they mean! Next time you read your Bible, have a go and try and see what it means.

Those are my two thoughts for Tuesday, thankyou for reading!