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“I can smell gold,” the ogre grumbled as he searched through Vuissance’s saddle-bag. The treasure-hungry ogres sprang through their camp waving around the travellers’ saddle-bags ripping the contents out and pouring it all over the place.
Amala tied in a corner, cowered at the terrible beasts. The King had gotten away, and Vuissance was somewhere in the wood were her horse bolted, she closed her eyes tiredly. She had been awaiting her fate all afternoon; the ogres still hadn’t found her well concealed comb.
That stupid comb was the one that had gotten her in all this trouble. Amala sighed as more tears streamed down her cheeks.
“Ahhh!” the smaller ogre’s eyes popped as his eyes danced over the golden comb. The other ogre came galloping over.
“That’s it- that’s it!” the ogre danced happily around and snatched it from his comrade.
“Greed, you give that back!” whined the small one.
“No! Its mine, I am the one who smelt it!”
“I got it first!”
“But I have it know!! Heheheheh!” The ogre clutched it happily.
Amala tried to block her ears from the ogre’s hideous shouts as they started quarrelling. Why? Why had she ever been given the gold comb? Burying her head in her lap she re-played her father’s desperate look…
  “I can help you in anything…”
“Father…” Amala whispered. “I-I am sorry, and I wish you could hear that. I should have given up that silly comb, why didn’t I….?” She burst into tears. At the noise of her sobs, the ogres turned around, and realized her existence.
“Err…what are we going to do with that one?” Greed scratched his head while safely holding the comb just overhead of his short companion.
“Yea daft! We’ll ransom her to her pals and get some more booty!” He started coming over to her.
“Ah, Defiance my good mate… you’re worth your trouble.”
The small ogre stooped down face to face with Amala’s tears strewn cheeks. “What ya think of that, missy?  Ha-ha, look at her Greed, quacking in her booties!” The two ogres bellowed across the woodland. They soon tired of her though and turned their attention to their grumbling tummies.
Amala closed her eyes, the sun slowly drifted down and away from sight, darkness soon enveloped the world, and Amala had fitful sleep, worried that the ogres would wake and decide they were hungry…..

“Only for one hundred bags of gold and jewels will we safely give the girl back!” The large ogre stated.
“But I have nothing!”
Amala’s eyes shot open at the sound of her father’s voice. Sunlight streamed right into her eye, she squinted disbelievingly over to where the ogres were standing- there was the King, holding the reins of his grey stallion and Vuissance sat on her gelding, her arms were tense as if the spring away at a moment’s notice.
He had come back for her.
“Then she happily becomes our morsel!”
“Yea!” Defiance sniggered.
“Sir’s this is my daughter, and my kingdom is at least four days ride away and our horses are already weary with the travelling,” the King frowned sadly.
“What about,” the King lowered his voice, Amala couldn’t hear him, but as soon as he had finished both ogres stared at each other.
“That’ll just do your highness. When would you like the exchange to take place?”
Amala heaved up; the ogres sauntered over to her. They lifted her and carried her to the King; he seemed tired as Amala came closer.
“There.” Greed dropped her at his feet. Her Father immediately took her in his arms and undid her bonds.
“Thanks, Father.”
“I’ll be back…” he gave her a hug and smiled soberly.
“What about our deal?” Defiance was licking his lips hungrily.
Vuissance turned a funny colour.
The King nodded towards the girls and followed the ogres into the brush.
“What are they doing?” Amala came beside Vuissance.
“Th-there going to kill him,” Vuissance sat stock still.
“What!?” Amala stared after them hurriedly- she had to do something, she tore after her father through the brush-no, it just couldn’t happen-
A scream rang through the forest; Amala came through the trees as her father fell to the ground at the ogre’s feet, she stared for a moment in disbelief at the limp body………

Thanks for reading, I hope you are enjoying this short story. I want to thank everyone for their prayers, it has been a great blessing, we still haven’t found a place to live, but we are quite happy living with our grandparents.

~ Meggie